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Plan Room Policies

The plan room at Altoona Builders Exchange is a comfortable, spacious area which houses a library of blueprints and specifications available to members for review and for estimate preparation for projects out for bid. We receive plans from many design firms, general contractors, municipalities, state and government agencies. The weekly Builders Bulletin indicates which plans and specs are available for respective projects along with the Bin # where they can be found.

For members’ convenience, plans and specifications may be reserved during the day or checked-out overnight, on weekends, or for limited one-hour periods (specs only) during regular office hours. In addition, the plan room offers photocopy, blueprint copy, and fax services.

Plan Room Policies

The following policies have been established in order to best serve the interests of all members utilizing the plan room. We ask that members be courteous and considerate of other member firms when utilizing reservation and check-out privileges and while reviewing plans on site in the plan room.

1) Plan room hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.
2) Non-members may utilize the Plan Room for a one-time, trial visit, at no charge. Any additional visits must be made under membership with ABX.
3) Persons using the plan room of any ABX membership privilege must be employed by the member firm.
Any member allowing a non-member to sign-in using their company name will risk suspension of plan room privileges and membership.
4) All members MUST sign-in prior to plans and specifications being released for viewing.
5) The plan room is designed to provide accommodations for plans and information services only; it is not to be used as an office or lunchroom.

Please be respectful of other members in the plan room. Please work quietly. SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED.

7) Please handle plans and specs with care. Plans should not be marked, disfigured, or disassembled.
Copy services are available to make copies for mark-up. Please ask staff for assistance if disassembling is required and notify staff of any needed plan repairs.
8) Please use only one set of plans and specs at a time.
9) Please keep estimating areas neat and clean, and return all plans and specs to their appropriate racks and/or bins when finished.
10) By making reservations with ABX staff, plans and specifications may be checked-out for overnight or weekend use:
A) Reserved plans must be picked up by 4:30 p.m. (Monday through Friday). Members must call and cancel reservations by 4:00 p.m. if they are unable to pick them up; failure twice to cancel reservations will result in a suspension of check-out privileges for thirty (30) days.
B) Plans must be returned no later than 8:30 a.m. the following business day. Failure twice to return plans on time will result in a suspension of check-out privileges for thirty (30) days.
11) If desired plans are currently being utilized by another member in the plan room, members desiringuse of the plans may be placed on a call sheet, on a first-come, first-served basis. Members who leave the facility will be removed from the call list.
12) Project specifications only (no blueprint plans) may be checked-out for a one-hour time limit during normal office hours, unless the project bid opening is the following business day.
13) A maximum of three (3) sets of plans and specs may be reserved (in order of preference) for overnight or weekend use. A member may be asked to relinquish a set of plans if another member has additionally requested them for check-out.
14) Members may not reserve or check-out plans or specs for projects whose bid opening is the following business day.
15) Members whose dues are in arrears thirty (30) days or more will be denied all plan room privileges (including check-out privileges).
  Please feel free to consult ABX staff with any questions, comments or concerns. We welcome your suggestions to improve our services.



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